5 Quirky Ideas To Grow Your Business With Instagram Reels

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Instagram is the best platform for businesses and brands to expand their reach and boost engagement with their audience. As a visual platform, Instagram helps you build a personal connection with your audience and serves as a valuable marketing tool for your business. Instagram reels were first introduced in August 2020; it allows people to share and merge multiple with added sounds between 15 – 30 seconds to be posted as Instagram reels on their profile. 

As a brand, sharing updated content to attract new customers and increase your business reach is essential. In this post, I’ll share five unique ideas to improve your business growth with a wider audience. 

How To Use Reels For Your IG Business

Knowing how to create compelling and valuable reels on Instagram is the perfect way to reach success. The essential key to success with reels is understanding how to connect content with your target audience. Here are the five ways to use Instagram reels in your marketing strategy to boost brand engagement. 

Idea 1: Introduction To Your Business

Creating reels introducing yourself or your brand will allow you to share your business story with thousands of audiences since people love to hear stories on Instagram. Sharing an inspirational story can go a long way and boost your reels’ likes and views.  Are you thinking about how to get more likes on Instagram reels? Sharing a brand story is the best way for businesses to stay connected with their audience and boost reel engagement. The Instagram algorithm pushes your content to the explore page when your IG reels get higher engagement. Here, you can attract new audiences to your profile. 

Idea 2: Share Your Business Products 

Sharing your product video is a simple way to promote your business to your potential audience. Add text to the screen, list the benefits of your brand and tell how you help your customer while uploading your Instagram reels. Showing the real side of your business will make your audience trust your business or services. 

The more you share reels about your business, the more engagement you’ll receive for your brands. Share valuable information about your brand or services and encourage your audience to connect with your business and make them purchase your products. 

Idea 3: Post Before And After 

Sharing before and after videos is very trending on Instagram, and it is a great way to improve your engagement. Your before and after video can be anything related to your business or services. 

People are always excited to see before and after videos of their favourite brand or business. Show your audience a quick reel for your business to build trust and strong relationships with your audience. Posting these types of videos will increase your follower count and boost your reel engagement rate. 

Idea 4: Share Sneak Peek

Sharing a sneak peek video will increase audience curiosity and captivation. Posting a sneak peek or teaser of your products can be done by influencers or your brand. Many popular brands on Instagram collaborate with influencers to showcase and promote their business reach. 

Your sneak peeks can be a product, service, or an upcoming video post. Creating reels based on the sneak peek will boost your reel engagement and grow your follower base. Small businesses can also create a sneak peek to promote a giveaway. 

Idea 5: Do Challenges

Instagram is filled with challenges, and millions of new people participate daily in them. Challenges are a great way to engage with your audience community and build your brand awareness among a wider audience. 

Doing challenges is an effective Instagram marketing strategy that has the potential to increase your business exposure and attract a new audience to your Instagram profile. Use Instagram reels to promote your business through challenges and encourage the audience to participate with you. 


These are just a few trending Instagram reel ideas to create a successful marketing strategy on Instagram. Use these tips, find what works best for your brand, and create different reels to gain organic Instagram growth.