A Quick Guide To Create High Performing Instagram Ads

Having over a billion users and the average time spent on the website is 53 minutes a day makes Instagram one of the best advertising platform. With Instagram ads, you can also get very creative as you can choose from a variety of types, such as videos, carousels, images, and stories. To achieve the best possible results, you cannot simply create a campaign and generate cold traffic to it. Companies and media buyers who have achieved high conversion rates have one secret in common.

Ways To Create The Best Performing Instagram Ad Content

Know Your Audience Better

A key method of warming up your audience is by providing it with content that they are interested in. The purpose of the research is to find out what information is available to you. Analyze your Instagram account using a good Instagram analytics tool to figure out which of your organic posts performed the best in the past. You will be able to see what content was most popular among viewers, commenters, and impressions. The number of views should also be taken into account when publishing video content. In addition to reviewing your own account, you should examine your competitors’ content in order to discover which of their posts generates the most engagement.

Prepare native video content

To engage your audience with Instagram ads, you can use two types of content. It is, therefore, important not only to consider content that can be consumed on Instagram but also content that takes people to other websites. As a beginner, the best way to make more video content is through Instagram’s custom audiences feature, which allows you to gather a custom audience from your video viewers who you will be able to promote ads. Being a beginner, it is ideal to buy Instagram auto likes to establish your presence on Instagram. You will find a few tips in this article for creating your own native video content and publishing it to the web.

Ensure that they are concise

In Instagram’s in-feed video format, videos with a maximum duration of 60 seconds are permitted. In order to get the most interactions, there should be no more than 26 seconds of video playback since that is the ideal length.

Consider using thumbnails 

With the Instagram app, you can turn off autoplay whenever you are on a data connection. When people watch your videos on mobile devices, you should add thumbnails because they will have the chance to see a thumbnail instead of the actual video playing as they watch. Two factors should be considered when designing a thumbnail. There are two things it should do, namely, attract attention and encourage people to press the play button. You will gain more views if you succeed in achieving these two objectives. The most commonly used method of generating curiosity-generating overlay text usually yields excellent results. Try adding overlay elements and colors.

Consider optimizing for mobile devices

Instagram is typically used on mobile devices as Instagram’s website does not allow users to perform all functions. To make sure that the video is easy to view before you publish it, view it on your phone and tablet as well as on your computer.

With an appropriate caption

Ensure your caption is engaging and contains a call to action and hashtags to ensure you generate engagement and give people a reason to engage after watching the video.

Boost the posts that perform the best

Create many videos by using the above methods. Each video you produce should target your audience from a different perspective. Whenever you notice that one of the videos is performing better than the others, you should boost them in order to reach a large audience. In most cases, when a video generates above-average views and other ways of organic engagement, the video is likely to be popular with others as well. Put some financial backing behind it so that it generates even more views. It is likely that this ad will receive more views since it will not pull users away from Instagram.

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