10 Strategies To Grow Your TikTok Followers?

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Despite its initial popularity, TikTok has since lost its cutting-edge status. A billion or more people utilise this social media platform. This is why the usage of TikTok influencers in marketing campaigns continues to grow. It’s time to start treating your TikTok presence seriously and establishing your brand if you want to get noticed and compensated to work with brands you love.

Ten strategies to get more TikTok fans


Understanding your present audience is the first step in expanding your reach to new people who might become followers. So, what exactly are they hoping to find on TikTok? How important is aesthetic vlog-style footage versus instructional ones?

If you have a TikTok Business account, you have access to a wealth of information on your viewers. Look at your followers and how they engage with your posts to learn more about them and what they like. Continue doing that! To increase engagement, tailor content as much as possible to your ideal customer.


TikToks need not be cinematic masterpieces, but if the quality of the video or audio is low, viewers are more likely to go on. Depending on what you plan to create, accessories like a ring light or a small microphone could do wonders to elevate your videos to the next level. A simple technique to improve your video quality is to choose a peaceful, well-lit location.


There must be a good reason why these songs are so popular. These songs typically receive support from record labels and have a large fan base. Using currently popular music or sound effects is a simple approach to boost the exposure of your movies in the eyes of the algorithm. The app’s explore tab is where you’ll find the most popular tracks, while the app itself will recommend music to use when you’re making a video.

Of course, you don’t have to join in on the trending activity. Check that it fits in with your intended niche and target readers.


Hashtags are just as important on Instagram as they are on any other social media site. If you use trending hashtags and make your videos related to those hashtags, you may see an increase in the number of views your videos receive and in the number of people who add you to their For You page.

Look at the work of other Creators in your field to get ideas for relevant hashtags to use. When creating a caption, you may also simply input a ‘#’ to get a list of currently popular hashtags. (Have a look at what’s popular on TikTok right now!)


Following the latest fads is a certain method to increase your viewership. Nevertheless, you should also be creating original material, such as videos that set you apart from the competition. Why should people follow you instead of someone else?

Make the most of the current fads by giving them your own spin.


Do your best to network with other Creators and brands on the site. Just look at the name: social media. Using the duet or stitch functions, in which you take an existing TikTok video and add your own take to it, is one of the finest methods to do this.

If you’re in the same niche as the original author, duetting videos might be a great method to attract more subscribers.


If you take a peek at the top trending hashtags on TikTok, you’ll probably find a couple of branded ones. Businesses will actively promote their own branded hashtag challenges and trends by investing in rewards for participants. Participating in conversations around these hashtags can help you gain the attention of brands you’re interested in working with in the future.

It’s as easy as clicking on a hashtag, checking out what other Creators have done with the same idea, and coming up with your own take on it.


To put it simply (and hopefully without sounding too trite), life is meant to be enjoyed. You can tell whether someone is taking their TikTok presence too seriously by watching their videos. But if you make something you’re truly excited about, your enthusiasm will shine through.

People want to see something that makes them feel happy.


You shouldn’t be posting fresh videos at 3 a.m. if you want people to see them. When your fans and potential fans are already browsing in-app is when you should be posting videos. Thankfully, if you have a business account, it’s simple to monitor such data.

You can see when your followers are most active on TikTok by checking out the Follower Activity section of the Business Suite in the app.


Partnering with a company whose values you share is a great approach to expand your fan base. During the past few years, influencer marketing has blown up on TikTok, and marketers are always on the lookout to collaborate with enthusiastic and skilled Creators (like you).

You may create effective connections with brands even if you have a modest following. TRIBE is a great resource for finding like-minded firms to collaborate with. Brands want to work with Creators like you who have a smaller but more devoted fan base, whether or not you have a huge following. Also, TRIBE can assist you in securing employment with well-known companies.