An Step-By-Step Guide To Get Verified On Instagram

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Instagram’s “verified” badge is highly sought after in the marketing world. It’s not always clear how to go in order to acquire your own personal blue tick.

If you want to know how to become an Instagram celebrity, you’ve come to the perfect spot! If you have questions, we have the solutions.

We’ll break down the process into three easy steps and provide you with a tonne of helpful hints to earn Instagram’s coveted blue verification badge.

Instagram’s “verified” badge means what, exactly?

A few of your preferred Instagram handles could have a tiny blue tick next to them. When an Instagram account displays the blue sign of a seal with a check in the centre, it implies the account has been verified by Instagram. Those who have earned the verified badge (individuals, companies, and brands) are more likely to be trusted.
The blue tick is crucial for consumers to identify authentic accounts and locate the desired public personalities and companies. It will be shown in searches, embedded posts, and on your profile. This ensures that users can easily identify authentic accounts belonging to the companies and individuals they’re interested in following.

It’s easy to determine the difference between an official celebrity account and one created by a fan by glancing at this emblem. If you own a business, this means warding off imitators who would otherwise steal your thunder and your consumers.

When you get Instagram verified, what do you get in return?

The Instagram blue checkmark is more of a status symbol for many users. It might help you stand out from the crowd, add to your credibility, and boost your self-esteem. However, these aren’t the only arguments for asking for Instagram approval.

Obtaining Instagram verification might be crucial since it provides the following major advantages.

Raise people’s consciousness. Users will have an easier time finding you in times of need if your account has been verified, since it will appear higher in search results.

Acquire a more reliable reputation. Know that less than one percent of Instagram profiles have been validated? The blue checkmark designates you as someone of significance and value.
Avoid imitations and copycats at all costs. As we’ve established above, the blue badge is a great way to reassure your audience that you’re the real deal. In this way, you can protect your brand’s reputation and avoid losing followers and consumers to imitators, parodies, and fan accounts.

Get early access to premium content. New Instagram features are occasionally made available to verified accounts before they are made available to the entire public. For instance, you will be able to use the “swipe up” function in Instagram stories to browse external websites. To use this function without being checked, you’ll need to have at least 10,000 followers. Therefore, verification allows you to maintain an advantage.

Get people’s attention more. You will be able to convert the interest and enthusiasm surrounding your new blue tick into active participation, leads, and ultimately, purchases.

Conditions Instagram users must meet to become verified

For Instagram to consider your account for verification, it must meet the following criteria, as outlined in the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service:

Authentic. You must be the person, company, or brand that your profile claims you to be in order to participate.

Complete. You should also have at least one post in your feed and a bio on your Instagram profile.

Notable. Your profile should be associated with an easily searchable public figure, company, or other organisation. Instagram profiles that are mentioned in many news outlets are reviewed; however, promotional or sponsored content is not taken into account.

Public. Be sure that your Instagram account can be seen by anybody before requesting verification. Some Instagram users have tried out obscure profiles that can’t be verified.

Unique. Instagram only allows one verified account per company or individual, with the exception of profiles that cater to a certain language. No verification is done on meme, fan, or feature accounts.

Instagram also emphasises that, although being owned by Facebook, it has its own standards for deciding who deserves a verified badge. A person’s Instagram and Facebook followings will not be similar. Someone who is a household name on one channel could not be on another.

3 great ideas to help you become an Instagram verified user

Have a stellar biography

Having a full profile is essential for the verification process. Be sure to have a profile picture and at least one post completed before posting your bio.

In addition, your Instagram bio needs to be up-to-date and correct if you want to attract followers and customers. Don’t put “Add me” links in your bio for other social networks.

Be forthright

If you want to have your Instagram account verified, you must do so with 100% honesty and integrity. Please sign up with your actual name and select the correct account type. In addition, you should verify your identification by handling a genuine, unaltered government document.
Instagram may identify fraudulent or misleading information, remove your verified badge, and may take extra steps, including deleting your account, so think twice before trying to game the system. Never try cheating on Instagram unless you want to risk getting suspended or perhaps permanently banned.

Make headlines

Having a large fan base isn’t sufficient on its own. To receive Instagram’s coveted blue checkmark, you need to be, well, somebody. Instagram staff members manually examine each account against a variety of media outlets to ensure authenticity.

Send out media kits, press releases, or get in touch with your local news outlets if you have anything interesting to share. After getting your name out there a few times, it will be easier to contact larger outlets.