6 IGTV Video Strategies To Boost Your Business On Instagram

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If you have a business account on Instagram, you’re probably using both the main feed and Stories to share visual content. However, IGTV presents an additional avenue for exposing your content to followers and potential buyers.
Instagram now has a function called IGTV where users may upload and share far longer video clips. Unlike the one-minute limit on the feed and the fifteen-second limit on Stories, videos on IGTV can be as long as sixty minutes for verified users.

Fortunately, the answer is yes! It doesn’t take much effort to incorporate IGTV into your existing social video strategy. You may use it to host a small collection of evergreen videos about your company, or you can use it as a secondary distribution platform for the longer form videos you produce for other channels.

IGTV Video Outline Concepts and Formats

We have compiled a list of suggestions for videos that will work well for IGTV. Many of the suggestions come with an editable video script that can be customised with your own words, images, and clips of video. Animoto.com is where you can find the landscape templates. Our iOS software, Animoto: Social Video Editor, includes the vertical templates. Both portrait and landscape videos may be played on IGTV.

About us Video

Create an evergreen film that introduces your company and what it stands for. Anyone unfamiliar with your company who has stumbled upon your IGTV channel in search of more information can benefit from watching a “About Us” video.

IGTV product video

A video demonstrating the product’s use or providing further information about it can also be very helpful in attracting customers. We’ve posted a number of tutorials on how to utilise the Animoto product on our own IGTV channel.
While we don’t have a template that was used to make that video, we do have several that can be used to showcase product videos, such as the New Collection template down below.

Make a BTS Video

Show your clients your working environment or the manufacturing process. Our iOS app includes a Behind the Scenes template that demonstrates one method of using video to advertise a company’s goals. The media and text used to generate “behind the scenes” look into your company can be modified at any time.

Educational video

When people are considering doing business with you, what are the most common concerns they have? Make a video explaining the solutions to these problems.

Put your knowledge on display! Make a video that will actually benefit your audience by teaching them something. Our Expert How To Template features a chiropractor instructing his audience on three stretches to help them endure a 9 to 5 desk job.

Mood Board Video

Instagram TV may also serve as a platform for you to show the world what motivates you through video. As a business owner, what motivates you? How did an idea for a new line or product come about? Our iOS software includes an Inspiration Mood Board template, which you may use to brainstorm.

Distribute a video or a list of suggestions that pertain to your product or field. Check out our landscape Fashion Lookbook Guide for more ideas. This template is very adaptable, allowing you to make changes based on your own preferences with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Focus on the Customer

Finally, brag about your successful customers! Our iOS app includes a Customer Call Out template you can use to broadcast a video testimonial from a satisfied customer or showcase user-created content.
And that wraps it up! Now that you have some inspiration, you may get started generating videos for IGTV.