Instagram: Include a Link in Your Bio

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Now, you can add clickable links to your Instagram profile and stories, which is a practical approach to drive more traffic to your channels, whether they a website, blog, other social media, podcast, YouTube channel, or any other platform of your choosing. Now that you know how to add a link to your Instagram story, you should learn how to do the same to your bio.
Here, we also share tips on how to condense your bio links and add additional bio links.

As to why I must have a bio link on Instagram

The answer to this question is conditional on the specifics of your social media marketing campaign, which should include Instagram.

A link in your bio may be a great way to direct people from Instagram to your other platforms if you’re trying to promote a Creator or Business account.

However, some Instagram users still provide a link in the caption of their posts, which is a dead end because links in captions aren’t clickable. Instead, they should include the link in their bio or their stories. If you’re one of them, maybe it’s time to try something new.

Having a well-equipped link in your Instagram bio is a great approach to draw people’s attention and acquire more leads because it will be the first thing they notice when visiting your profile.

How to Include a Web Address into Your Instagram Bio?

Follow these steps to have a link appear in your Instagram bio:

Get the Instagram app going on your mobile device.
Just click on your profile picture in the upper right corner.
Choose the Profile Edit link from the menu bar.
Use the Links section to include a quick link to your website in the form
To add an outside link, click the plus sign. Keep in mind that Instagram allows for a maximum of two internal links.
Put the web address and the title in the appropriate fields.
Done to permanently store your bio.

Instructions for Including Many Links in Your Instagram Bio


If you want the flexibility of adding an endless number of links to your bio and styling them with photos and icons, Linktree is a good alternative to consider. Linktree allows you to build several connections at once, diverting traffic to numerous destinations at once.


If you want to add several links to your Instagram bio and make custom landing pages, Lnk.Bo is another easy option. As an added bonus, the answer allows you to boost your brand’s worth by optimising your link on bio page. This app’s functionality is similar to that of Linktree.

Built-in Instagram Capabilities

Now, you may edit your Instagram bio to include several links. In order to add a link, simply begin doing so as you normally would.

How to Include Short URLs in Your Instagram Bio?

When you use the Shorby link shortener on Instagram, the shortened link’s domain name will appear like You can, however, replace it with an other domain name of your own.

Also, you may make use of analytics and tracking pixels in conjunction with the shortened URL. You may also automate some of your interactions with consumers, such chats, emails, and phone calls.

Bitly is a widely used URL shortening service since it requires no effort on your part and produces professional-looking results for your shortened URLs. After signing up, you can shorten an unlimited number of URLs without any further restrictions. When you shorten a URL with Bitly, a dedicated tracking and analytics page is generated instantly.

Methods for Making the Most of Your Instagram Bio Link

Learn how to advertise your Instagram profile and company in general by adding a link to your bio.

You should advertise an ongoing sale or one that will soon begin. Direct Instagram users to a special purchase page featuring your product.
Bring forward a new product announcement. Send people to a website where you describe your new product and provide information about the release date and any related events.
Use the “About” tab to elaborate on your company’s or item’s background. Because of Instagram’s character restriction, it’s recommended that businesses utilise a native or third-party multilink solution in which the About page is included.
Direct your audience to your best-selling items. Gather your audience around some best-sellers.
Showcase one of your most read posts or your most recent work. If you want more people to read your latest post, review, lesson, etc., then you should provide a link to it in your Instagram profile and stories.
Direct the audience to the podcast or video you’re trying to promote. Similar to how you could advertise a blog post to your blog’s readers, you may use the bio section of your Instagram profile to direct your audience to a video, webinar, or podcast.
Give out freebies, like a product trial. Send along the link to a signup form where interested parties can enjoy a free trial. If you put up a form, individuals will fill it out, giving you their contact details, which you can then use to generate leads.