How To Use Instagram For Your Business, According To the Pros

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Recently, I went out with a friend for brunch at a restaurant, and she was debating between pancakes and poached eggs. She did something to help her decide that I would never have thought of. She pulled out her phone, went to Instagram, and scrolled through all the pictures that patrons had posted to the platform with the restaurant’s name in the caption. True enough, this being the modern day, every item on the menu was accompanied by dozens of photographs. (In case you were wondering, she choose the pancakes.)

Instagram: What It’s Made Of

Instagram’s many features may be leveraged individually to boost your marketing efforts, and when combined, they provide a potent tool for expanding your company’s reach. Okay, let’s tackle this problem from the very top down.

Keywords and Hashtags

Tags and hashtags are the most extensively covered topics while learning how to utilise Instagram for marketing. It seems to reason that you would want to employ trending but still relevant hashtags in your outreach efforts. Instagram is a great platform for company, but Suzan French Gennace, President, PR & Social Media Strategist at FlackShack, offers some advice on how to make the most of hashtags.

Instagram for Business: 5 Good Practises

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, let’s look at some practises that are highly recommended by Instagram experts:

  • Instagram is a visual site, so keep the colour scheme attractive to the eye. Developing a consistent brand identity and increasing Instagram’s appeal requires selecting a theme and colour scheme.Manager of Communications at Anna Segova
  • Do Your Homework on Hashtags: By strategically employing hashtags, you may significantly increase the number of people who view your content. It’s all about utilising relevant hashtags and selecting ones with the appropriate magnitude (for instance, #cute has 337 million posts in it; you’d have to be a Kardashian to rank there). Using the hashtag #fitness to promote a food item is a bad idea because the majority of posts in that topic feature muscular men and women. That means your dish images won’t be included either. Examine hashtags to determine whether 1) they are relevant to your content and 2) they are manageable (have fewer than nine results) in terms of ranking. That’s exactly what I did to increase my balance from $5,000 to $10,000. Instagram Growth Expert: Talia Koren of
  • Embedding Instagram postings within a client’s blog material, either in place of or in addition to static photographs, is one method we promote our clients’ Instagram pages. You can get more people to interact with your posts and reuse your social media material. Congruent Digital CEO Brian Jensen.
  • Make sure it’s a business account instead of a personal one: “If you run a small business, you need a business account to take advantage of the boundless exposure and potent client relationships that the Internet has to offer. Customers may notify their networks about your company and get exposure by tagging you in social media posts. More people will visit your website as a result of this, and that’s more exposure for your business. In addition, make sure the “contact” options are fully set up so that clients may reach out to your company through email or phone with any enquiries, including potential collaboration opportunities. Piedmont Avenue Consulting’s President and Co-Founder David Mitroff, Ph.D.
  • To help sell more things, I recommend include real people in your product photos. People seem to care more about our postings when they include a human being rather than just a product, as far as my experience goes. Including images of real people in your social media postings is a great way to humanise your company and engage with your audience on a more personal level.California Beard Company Founder, Chandler Sterling.
  • You can re-post a tale when you’re tagged, saving you the trouble of coming up with new material every time. To forward a great remark or article to your network, just click the small aeroplane icon next to the comment box. Choose recipients from the drop-down menu that appears, or just click “Add post to your story.” Suddenly, you’ll be on Instagram’s editing interface. Tag the content’s original author, add relevant hashtags, stickers, gifs, and perhaps even a poll to increase interaction. According to Karina May, Chief Marketing Officer of Plann


We consulted experts from a variety of fields located all around the world for their input. You can maximise your Instagram marketing efforts for your organisation by adopting the advice that applies to you and incorporating it into your existing strategy. I’m sure there are many more methods to assist individuals improve their Instagram approach; if you’d want to share what’s worked for you and how you utilise Instagram for business, please do so in the comments below.