Which Is Better For Promoting Your Business, Instagram Or Facebook?

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Marketing on Instagram versus. If you want to run a successful campaign on just one of the major social media platforms, you’ll need to do some serious planning. The catch is that you have no idea which platform will serve you best. Popular ones include Facebook and Instagram. You should investigate the features and user base of each of these channels. And that’s what you’ll learn how to achieve from reading this post. These tips will help you choose the best social media platform for your marketing plan.

So, what exactly does Instagram provide?

First, we’ll examine Instagram and how it might help promote companies in detail. For a more complete picture of the platform’s advantages, consider the following data:

1. Reach

There are about 800 million monthly users of Instagram, with roughly 500 million using it every day. Eighty percent of these users are located in countries other than the United States, demonstrating the platform’s extensive worldwide reach. The sheer volume of people using it gives it a fantastic platform for brands to increase their profile. They also boast an advertisement base of over a million.

2. Involvement

Instagram’s finest feature is that it attracts a lot of active users. More than 95% of daily photo and video uploads come from users. About 4.2 billion likes are generated by these postings every day.

In March of 2016, Locowise revealed that just 0.84 percent of Instagram’s total audience was actively engaging with posts. The participation rate in February was 11.58% lower than the one in January. However, when compared to other social media sites, Instagram continues to have the most enthusiastic public participation.

3. Activation of Traffic Flow

Instagram not only has very active users, but it also drives very active users to your website. Yotpo ran a study to determine which sources attract the most active users. This research indicates that Instagram users spend an average of 192 seconds on a webpage. Longer than most other forms of advertising, clocking in at more over three minutes. In fact, Instagrammers spend 45% more time on a site than Facebook users and 40% more time than Twitter users.

4. Statistics

Your intended audience should guide your decision over which social media site to use. For the simple reason that you must utilise the platforms they favour. Instagram has more women than men, according to a 2015 survey by Pew Research. The research found that 31% of online women used the service on a regular basis. 24% of males have the same sentiment while going online.

So, what exactly does Facebook provide?

We’ll move on to Facebook data now. Its marketing significance can be better grasped if we look at the numbers:


When it comes to user numbers, Facebook has not lost its crown as the most popular social media platform. Dreamgrow reports that there are 2.2 billion active users on the site per month. Therefore, Facebook is the best option if you only care about exposure.


Facebook lags behind Instagram in terms of user engagement. Nonetheless, Locowise ranks it as the social network with the second-highest audience engagement rate. This was also corroborated by the Forrester research. This data demonstrates that the platform is responsible for the second biggest volume of user-brand engagement.

Thirdly: Statistics

Seventy-two percent of all internet adults are Facebook users. Similar to Instagram, this platform is favoured by female users. However, the contrast isn’t really striking. Facebook has a far higher percentage of female users (77%) than male users (66%).

Ads’ effectiveness, number four

Facebook’s ads have been doing so well that the company has earned $6.82 billion from them. Since 2015, this figure has risen by 59%. Social Flow estimates that each of those $1.7 billion users generates $14.17 in yearly advertising income. The effectiveness of Facebook advertisements was also demonstrated in a 2014 research. The click-through rate (CTR) for Facebook desktop advertisements is 8.1%, while the CTR for Facebook mobile ads is 9.1%.

The Instagram and Facebook Comparison

Number one: Instagram for more participation

When compared to Facebook, Instagram’s engagement rates are far higher. This is demonstrated by a News Whip research that compared the average number of likes for content on the two sites. Take a look at the numbers below to see how the popularity of the same brand on Instagram and Facebook compares.

Facebook, Number Two, for More Exposure

Instagram may have a larger user base, but Facebook controls the reach. Its user base is substantially greater, and it is well accepted among people of all ages. You may increase your chances of being seen by more people by using this medium. This is especially the case if you are not specifically aiming for a certain demographic.

Thirdly, Instagram to attract a younger demographic

Instagram is a great way to reach a younger demographic and build relationships with new customers. In reality, this is how Harley Davidson attracted a younger demographic and increased overall interest in their motorcycles. Advertisements for the motorcycles have begun appearing on Instagram. Men between the ages of 18 and 35 were targeted.

Facebook, at No. 4 for Broadcasting

You may promote your blog posts and online stores to a limitless audience on Facebook. It’s a better choice than Instagram if you want to get the word out about your blog entries and the content they provide.

In conclusion

What you hope to accomplish with the campaign should be a primary focus. Facebook and Instagram’s advantages are very debatable. What works effectively for you may not be as effective for another company due to differences in features and target markets. However, this post’s research reveals that Instagram is a better platform for advertising your brand and interacting with customers.