Today in the year 2023, Instagram boasts over million of users on a daily basis, with over 400 million of those users engaging in Instagram Stories. Some advertisers may see it as a reason for celebration, since more eyes on their ads is always good for business. Here are the top five Instagram story layouts of 2023 to help you get started.

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Tips for Creating an Outstanding Instagram Story

It’s no secret that Instagram Stories have been very well received. Over 400 million individuals utilise the function on a regular basis, and they have over 500 million daily active users. If you’re a business owner looking to raise your company’s profile, one option is to create a compelling narrative. However, before doing so, here are some things you should bear in mind:

  • You may still use hashtags, of course. Total amount of tales Repeatedly publishing the same article might backfire. It may be more convenient on a different day of the week. Hashtags are still a wonderful method to gain attention to your story Don’t post the same item every day; readers may check out your “recent stories.”
  • Time your updates so that they appear at various points in the day to maximise exposure. There may be a drop in readership if too many tales are published at once. This is because it is possible for individuals to ignore your article as they browse through their feed. To maximise the number of people who view your new story, publish it early in the day, in the middle of the day, or late at night. Don’t share more than two or three stories in an hour.
  • Length: It doesn’t really matter how long the tale is. The length of a story doesn’t matter because of how brief it is. Keep in mind that viewers are less likely to watch a video if there is no sound. Each clip in your ‘daily experience’ sample should be no more than 6 seconds.
  • To add captions to your tales, use the pencil symbol located just beneath your featured image. Do some introductory writing. To separate your two captions, click the arrow that appears below your first caption and then click “add another caption.” To add a sticker to one of your captions, click the square symbol that appears next to it. Just hit the ‘type here’ button and start typing away! Use your imagination. Captions are a fantastic attention-grabber. Hashtags and emoticons can also be used to get your point across.
  • Make sure your design is top-notch if you want more people to read your article. Create a pleasing visual! At this time, they expect vertical videos. People will be more compelled to watch your tale if it features high-quality, interesting visuals. Making an effort to improve something’s aesthetic value is noticed and appreciated. Draw emphasis to a certain section of your article by using emojis or hashtags if you want readers to focus on it.
  • Stories benefit greatly from the incorporation of audio. Make sure the audio is very clear throughout your tale so that viewers can follow along easily. You don’t have much time, and if your audience can’t hear you, they will go on to something else.
  • Timing: If you wish to upload a new tale around 5 PM but none of your stories ever receive many views, you might want to try posting it later. In the evening, when individuals are more likely to be checking their phones, more eyes will be on your content. Each story’s day of the week is flexible. You can post a story on something that happened on Monday if you think there will be more people interested in reading it on Tuesday.

Getting your audience’s attention with something they can use is the first step in making interesting Instagram stories. Add an excellent image to heighten the tension. Then don’t keep them in the dark any longer! Last but not least, end by inviting them to follow you for such updates in the future. If your tale is compelling enough, perhaps others will start to pay notice and start to follow you or buy your products.

In Conclusiveness

It’s not hard to make your own Instagram stories. Anyone can learn to write fantastic stories with enough experience. Begin on a modest scale and expand from there. You might try using simple narrative templates. By doing so, you will get familiarity with their operation and valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Explore a variety of the aforementioned narrative formats to find the one that works best for you. The internet is rife with other excellent Instagram Story editors. Try out a few and see which one works best with your imagination.