How To Grow Your Local Instagram Fan Base?

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Some Instagram users may find it easier to organically think locally than others. There has never been a better time for influencers to establish a following that will help them secure more partnerships with excellent companies, especially in an industry that is highlighting the importance of data and demographics, in particular the location of your followers.

How can you know if you have a local fan base?

To begin, make the quick transition to an Instagram business account if you haven’t previously. Read this article, which dispels common fallacies about switching to a business account, if you still have reservations.

In this context, “local” refers to fans who are based in the same country as you.

After creating your Instagram business account, navigate to the Insights page and click on Audience to view the top places (by cities and countries) where your audience is based.

How much of your target demographic must live in the country where the advertised product is sold?
Companies typically seek collaboration with social media stars whose largest following is located in the target market’s country. Most people fall somewhere between 20% and 40%.

Many brands use technologies that can give them a good idea of the demographics of their followers even if you don’t voluntarily share that information with them.

They get that Instagram’s global focus is baked into the app’s design. It’s not practical to assume that all of your fans live in the same town or nation as you do.

However, as the influencer marketing sector matures, marketers want to improve the likelihood that their sponsored posts from influencers are being seen by the right individuals.

What should you do if your fan base is small and geographically dispersed?

Maybe you’re changing nations and need to build a new fan base there. Perhaps most of your Instagram followers are located in another country, making you ineligible for partnerships with domestic firms that are trying to reach international Instagram users.

Up first. Calm down! There’s no need to begin anew. The point of Instagram is to expand your Insta-circle and make global connections with people who share your interests. As your account grows and develops, so will the people that follow you.

In other words, you need not worry about losing your core supporters or identity if you actively seek out and engage with new local fans. Brands will see increased value in working with you as a result of this.

Top 6 Ways to Gain a Local Audience

Include your location in your Instagram bio

Make sure your Instagram bio identifies your location, down to the country and/or city. Use an emoji of your country’s flag to make it easily recognisable to your fans and potential sponsors.

Engage with natives and do as they do

You already know that social interaction is paramount on Instagram. Participating actively in the local Instagram community is essential if you want to build a local fan base. Get to meet other Instagram users who share your interests, whether they’re popular or not. Show them some love by like and commenting on their posts. Start a conversation by replying to people’s remarks.

Read this post to learn more about creating an Instagram following.

Create a location-specific highlights section in Instagram

Create several Instagram Stories about your experiences at a local café, retail mall, theme park, or prominent tourist trap, and save them to a Highlight titled the name of your country and/or city. Because of this, you’ll attract new followers who may identify with your posts about their hometowns and may seek to you for tips on where to dine, shop, and sightsee.

Label your location with a geotag

Geotag your lunch at a neighbourhood café or your new outfit photo shoot at an Instagrammable location. Using geotagging consistently in your posts and articles is a great way to gain exposure in your community.

Join an Instagram meetup

When you meet up with local influencers, you can promote each other’s pages to your respective fan bases. Find and join groups of bloggers, photographers, and other local opinion leaders.

And if there isn’t a gathering already planned, make one! Whether it’s over coffee with a new contact or at a cocktail party with a group of powerful people. The words of Regina Brett ring true here: “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up.” Meeting other influential people face to face is a great way to expand your network, share knowledge, and learn new things.

Use correct jargon

Why not learn the language of the place you’re visiting if possible? You may also use Instagram to hone your translation and writing skills! You might try inserting some hashtags in the native language or a translated version of your caption to appeal to both groups.

To sum up, gaining a local fan base doesn’t necessitate turning into a local tour guide (unless you want to!).

Never forget your motivation. Explain your motivation for using Instagram, your favourite features, and your ultimate goals for the platform. You shouldn’t restrict yourself artificially in terms of the people you interact with or the things you share.

Make sure that the bulk of your audience is located in the market the business is trying to reach before forming any partnerships with them. They’ll get better outcomes, and you’ll get to explore new and intriguing avenues of possibility.