An Ultimate Guide: How Often To Post On Instagram In 2023?

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Instagram is a fantastic social networking site where people can share visual documentation of their lives as they unfold.

It’s more than simply a casual method to show off your images to your friends. It’s a great digital marketing tool for businesses and content producers because it has over 2 billion monthly active users.

Almost every company advertises on it, making competition fierce.

For this reason, it’s crucial to maintain the interest of your internet audience in your items and content.

In 2023, when is the optimal time to make a post on Instagram?

The optimum time to publish on Instagram depends on a number of factors, including the demographics of your audience and the time zones in which they live.
Even if there is no such thing as a “perfect time to post,” it is still important to promote content during the “best time.”

If you’re going to publish something on Instagram, do it between 10 and 3 in the afternoon.

This is because the majority of users will be online at this time, increasing the likelihood that your material will be seen and read.

The benefits of posting at optimal times on Instagram

If you want to get the most out of your digital marketing efforts, you need to post when your followers are most engaged. You should expect to see the following major shifts:

Expanded Scope

If you post at peak times when your followers are also online, your updates will more than likely be among the first ones they see.

Furthermore, this raises the possibility that additional users may discover your account and postings, expanding your potential audience size.

Faithful Followers

Sharing content during Instagram’s busiest hours can help you stay in touch with your audience on a consistent basis. It’s a great way to show them you care about their opinions and value their participation in your community.

Increased Participation Rate

Your engagement rate will skyrocket as a result of the increased exposure your posts will receive. In addition, your article will receive additional attention in the form of likes, comments, and saves.
Instagram’s Best Posting Times, Broken Down by Sector

The supplied chronology is meant to be used as a general reference point only. Keep in mind the field you’re operating in and the demographics of your target audience.

Culture and Artistic Productions

Knowing when to post on social media is crucial for businesses in the nightlife sector.

If you want to reach people when they’re making plans for the weekend and looking for inspiration, a smart time to publish is Friday morning at 9 AM.

As a result, you have the highest probability of interaction between Wednesday and Friday, 8 am and 5 pm.

Due to the growing popularity of Instagram as a shopping destination, retail businesses can no longer afford to ignore the platform.

Posting on Wednesday afternoons and Friday late mornings is a good strategy for reaching shoppers.


You are well aware that there is no hard and fast rule for the best time to publish on Instagram.

However, you might get good results by experimenting with various times.

On Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturday mornings, for instance, Instagram becomes a hub for the IT community.

Try these times and dates for writing tech-related blogs.


Industries tend to be busiest on weekdays, so you may test out posting on Instagram at different times over the week.

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Question and Answers:

When should you avoid posting on Instagram?

Your Instagram audience will determine the worst time to publish. To reach “typical Instagrammers,” avoid posting between 1 and 5 in the morning. However, this is not always true. Never lose sight of your target demographic and the times they are most likely to be online.

To a large extent, your business’s success is dependent on the demographics of your target market. Posting at night, for instance, may be the best time to reach an audience that lives on a different continent.

Should You Avoid Instagram Posting Late at Night?

It’s common knowledge that posting late at night on Instagram doesn’t usually result in many new followers or likes. However, this is a standard practise.

Is There A Daily Instagram Post Limit?

You can make as many posts as you like on Instagram, regardless of why you use it.

You nailed it! There is no capped number of posts on Instagram.

Instagram, however, does place restrictions on what you may do. You may only make 200 comments and like 200 posts every day, for instance.

However, Instagram may suspend your account for a few hours if they find that you are continually submitting the same comment.