7 Successful Ways To Skyrocket Your Website’s Domain Authority

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Domain authority is the leading SEO metric to improve your website performance. A website’s success comes when it wins the Google algorithm and acquires the top-ranking position. An increase in website rank depends on various factors like quality content, perfect keywords, and quality backlinks. Along with that domain, authority is also the important ranking factor in the SERP. 

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a powerful metric developed by the Moz tool, showing the authority of your website. If the domain authority is good, you will get a higher chance to gain organic traffic and improve Google ranking. 

Generally, domain authority is calculated from 0 to 100 score. If your DA value ranges from 30 to 40, there is a great scope of improvement. If your site’s DA is above 90, it is good enough to shine your website on top ranking.

How To Level Up Your Website DA?

The increase in your website DA will not happen all of a sudden. It takes a lot of time and SEO efforts to boost your DA. Here are some engaging tips to increase your DA score.

1. Create High-Quality Content

The best way to boost your website’s domain authority is to produce high-quality content on your website. The Google algorithm increases your DA score when your website contains unique and quality content. Get authority if people spend greater time on your content. If your content is of low quality, people leave your page leading to a decrease in ranking and authority.

Create perfect content with the following tips:

  • Prepare unique, long, and informative content
  • Add attractive images, GIFs, and infographics

2. Utilize Internal Linking

Building internal links for your website remains a key role to increase your domain authority. The internal links not only help to boost your website DA but reduce your bounce rate. 

How to use this strategy? Whenever you write a new post to your website, include the link of your older post to stay your audience around your site. An important point to remember while creating internal links is the link must be relevant to the present content.

3. Get Backlinks

Backlinks for your website have a greater impact on DA. Generating high-quality backlinks from best link building services will improve your site’s domain authority to a greater level. Some webmasters fail in link-building since they build links from low-quality sites. A low-quality link probably damages your website’s authority and ranking.

Links from quality sites lead to a greater increase in domain authority. Get backlinks from the site relevant to your niche. Here are some link-building techniques that boost your DA:

  • Guest blogging
  • Broken link building
  • Social sharing
  • Resource page link building

4. Improve Loading Speed

A good website loading speed improves your website performance and gains more potential traffic. If your site takes time to load, people will move from your site affecting your authority and ranking. When your site takes longer to load, it increases the bounce rate. So, always aim to have the loading speed for a maximum of 3 seconds to withstand your audiences.

5. Optimize Your Site For Mobile

Most audiences use mobile phones to use the internet. So, if your site does not respond to mobile devices, people will leave your site. A mobile-friendly site boosts your ranking and DA with higher visibility on SERP.

The below points helps to make your website mobile-friendly,

  • Use responsive website themes and design accordingly
  • Include proper image
  • Enable AMP to increase website loading speed on mobile.

6. Update Content Frequently

Publish your content regularly to make your online presence. Even though you have your older content, update it frequently to gain audience attention. A website with high-quality content increases your domain authority.

Maintain fresh content on your website to boost your authority. When more people land on your website, the traffic rate grows higher.


A good DA for a website helps to gain a higher ranking on the search results. Use the above SEO techniques to boost your website DA and make your site popular among target audiences. Have patience in your SEO efforts and gain a winning website.