Top 11 Social Media Monitoring Platforms For 2019

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How crucial is it for companies to have a social media listening tool?

There are several ways in which social media listening technologies might improve your brand’s social presence. You may monitor the conversation around your company, your rivals, your industry, and any hot keywords or hashtags with the use of social media listening tools.

1. Awario

Awario provides a number of tools to help you become more active on social media. The software can track your brand’s references throughout the web and social media. Sentiment analysis and instant alerts on brand mentions provide you the information you need to respond immediately. Meaningful consumer insights are extracted by the application to aid in audience comprehension and the development of more engaging content. With Awario Reach, you can filter for the most influential mentions, allowing you to fine-tune your marketing strategies and quickly expand your audience.

2. TweetDeck

Twitter’s own social media dashboard, TweetDeck, allows for the streamlined administration of several Twitter feeds. With this app, you can curate only the tweets that are useful to your business, saving you time and effort.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is not designed to monitor social media channels. You can boost awareness and interaction with your business on social media with the aid of this marketing automation solution. It’s a convenient way to keep tabs on conversations about your business across different platforms and respond directly from the app. You may use it as a publishing tool to schedule content releases during peak times.

HubSpot allows you to upload content in advance and receive recommendations about when to publish in order to maximise engagement.

4. It’s a Synthesio

Synthesio is a versatile programme with a wide range of options. More than 80 languages are supported by the social listening tool. Strong information about the content, author, and tone of the mentions collected using the Synthesio Social Listening Platform. Views, likes, favourites, comments, retweets, and shares on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are just some of the metrics tracked by Synthesio.

The Synthesio social media command centre also allows you to analyse, assess, and track metrics related to brand health, content performance, and more. The app provides instantaneous data on how consumers feel about a brand’s advertising initiatives.

5. Describe

Mention has use outside than just social media monitoring. This software also has features for publishing to social media, monitoring the media, gathering competitive intelligence, and handling crises.

The Mention dashboard allows you to monitor your brand in real time, analyse sentiment, and respond to warnings all in one place. You may observe what else your target demographic is discussing by searching for and tracking relevant keywords. The Mention dashboard has an influencers area for communicating with and working with influential users to increase brand awareness. Mention offers a free plan with rudimentary functionality but more sophisticated subscriptions with access to brand mentions and notifications.

6. Clarabridge

Clarabridge is an all-inclusive platform for customer engagement that provides services tailored to improve interactions with customers. Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor,, and the dozens of other review sites are only the beginning of the social media and online review sites that our programme collects and analyses for you. In addition, Clarabridge offers in-depth statistics to help you make sense of the context in which your brand is mentioned. You may learn more about your worldwide audience and how to best connect with them by monitoring online conversations about your brand using this tool.

7. NetBase

Using NetBase, you can listen in on what your consumers are saying about you on any platform. The tool’s cutting-edge AI dissects social media messages to identify themes, topics, topics, persons, and hashtags. To better serve your customers and grow your business, you need to have a firm grasp of how they feel and what drives their actions.

The success of your brand’s owned, earned, and partnered content on social media is analysed, and a full report is provided to you. The programme provides real-time alerts whenever your brand is mentioned online, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively to any problems.

8. BrandAnalyst

With Brandwatch, you can listen in on and analyse client feedback from all across the web. The programme scours the web for references to your brand, including social media, blogs, and review sites. The programme then sorts them into groups that will be most interested in your company. It then delves further into the mentions to provide context on how to respond in the moment.

9. Sysomos

Sysomos, currently part of Meltwater, provides comprehensive brand mention visibility across all social media platforms. The software will notify you immediately if your brand is mentioned, allowing you to quickly respond. You may maximise your productivity in responding to customers in online forums with the use of pre-written replies.

10. Brand24

Brand24 tracks mentions of your company online and makes them readily available to you. Brand24 is a powerful platform for connecting with consumers and opinion leaders. Using the app’s built-in microphone, you can hear potential business deals. Additionally, the technology provides social insights through sentiment analysis and mention analysis in real-time. The software also displays online brand references in real time, so you can quickly respond to customer questions.

11. 76Insights

76Insights gives you data on the most popular articles, blog posts, and social media content associated with your business. Get a breakdown of your resonance score across different social networks and learn how effective your social content really is.

You can see which pieces of content are resonating most with your audience by seeing their performance in a graph or card view arrangement.