Method For Getting Sales Leads Using Social Networking

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Goshen, Indiana, January 3rd, 2017 — Mike Gingerich, an accomplished public speaker, social networking marketer, and Facebook marketing guru, has released his new book, Game Plan for Social Networking Lead Generation. This book was developed specifically to help businesses maximise their potential on social media platforms.

There is widespread misunderstanding among business owners about how to maximise the benefits of social networking. They believe that all it takes to get their items seen is to publish humorous images online in the hopes that they will go viral, or to forcefully promote them in advertisements. Mike’s new book demonstrates how much more sophisticated and complex the process of web marketing is for acquiring quality prospects.

Strategy for Using Social Media In order to generate leads, businesses must have a comprehensive web marketing and social media strategy. Mike refers to what he considers to be “The Big Three,” or the primary site, email campaigns, and social media. For the Digital Marketing Funnel to be successful, all three of these components must operate together.

One of the most important ideas discussed in the book is the Digital Marketing Funnel. As a brief recap, the six main parts of this funnel are as follows: attraction, participation, capture, nurturing, conversion, and evaluation. The initial “attract” phase requires the most work. At this juncture, companies are attempting to pique the attention of a large audience by providing material that is both relevant and attractive to that audience. The following phase, “engage,” entails conducting conversations with the target audience. Enterprises should take the lead in starting discussions by posting comments, questions, and calls to action. Social media updates should focus on both stages at least half the time.

The next three steps, “capture,” “nurture,” and “convert,” are all geared at converting leads into closed transactions. The capture phase of the sales process is when a company actively seeks for ways to acquire contact information from potential customers, such as an email in return for access to premium content.

Throughout the nurture phase, companies work to build trusting connections with potential customers who might not be ready to buy just yet. This is where businesses may give more helpful details in installments, keeping readers interested all the way through the campaign.

Last but not least, in the conversion stage, organisations deliver timely and irresistible offers to convert prospects into paying clients.

Measure is the final phase of the cycle, and it’s crucial since it allows firms to monitor their progress and evaluate which strategies are most effective. The information collected at this point will allow companies to develop more successful marketing later on.

The complete breakdown of all of this can be seen in the Social Networking Lead Generation Game Plan. It’s a how-to manual that outlines a strategy. It may be used as a basis for social media marketing campaigns by any company.

Get your hands on a copy right away to get the lowdown on the Digital Marketing Funnel. Make sure it’s ready in time all your 2017 marketing. To learn more, check out