9 TikTok Marketing Tips And Best Practices

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You’ve made the right decision to promote your company on TikTok. With the right TikTok marketing strategy, you can tap into the massive user base of one of the most widely used social media sites worldwide. The platform’s over 1 billion monthly users make it a potent resource for businesses seeking to expand their customer bases.

It can be challenging for businesses to know where to begin on such a new platform. For this reason, we have compiled this comprehensive resource on marketing on TikTok.

#1 Establish SMART Goals

One of the most influential aspects of long-term success is the act of setting goals. In 1979, interviewers sat down with freshmen from Harvard’s MBA programme and probed them on whether or not they had set concrete long-term objectives and devised strategies for achieving those objectives. The majority (97%) of these graduates did not have any sort of written objectives. They went back to the same graduates after 10 years and found out some interesting things. Earnings were 10 times higher for the 3% of earlier respondents who had taken the time to write down their clearly defined goals.

Second, Learn Your Target Market

Everyone in advertising knows that in order to reach your target demographic, you need to cater to their specific interests and needs. If you don’t know who you’re talking to, you might as well be throwing darts. But the question is how to identify your target demographic. And even if you have identified the group of people who are most likely to be interested in your brand, how well do you understand their needs and wants? If you could get inside their heads, what would you find? 

Researching your target demographic is essential. The most important aspect of researching your target audience is to be as thorough as possible.

#3 Tone and voice definition

Fun, interactive content can be made on TikTok. It’s different from sites that might be better suited to more serious or expert material. TikTok users are known to approach even serious topics with a sense of humour.
Keep this in mind as you develop your TikTok voice and tone. When making content for TikTok, it’s important to stay true to your brand while maintaining the platform’s vibe. Your sales numbers may benefit greatly from maintaining a consistent tone and style throughout your content. One study found that companies who were able to keep their branding consistent across all of their advertising saw a 33% increase in sales.

4. Create a Unique TikTok Account

The initial impression you give on TikTok is crucial. As such, it’s crucial that your brand’s profile is optimised and sets itself apart. You should have a brand-representative profile picture and a catchy, engaging bio. The question is, what should we prioritise above all else? Content. It needs to pique people’s interest while also being current and pertinent to the people you’re trying to reach.

In other words, if you already have branded content on another platform, you can’t just upload the same videos to your TikTok account and call it a day. TikTok’s core user base is very different from that of rival video-sharing apps like YouTube.

5: Find the Best Innovators to Work With

Using creators and influential people to spread the word about your brand can yield impressive results. Eighty-four percent of respondents to a Forbes survey agreed that using influential people to promote a brand is a good idea. The influencer market reached a record $13.8 billion in 2021, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

It’s important to be cautious when entrusting another person with representing your company’s name. Although aligning with the ideal brand ambassador can catapult your company to new heights, partnering with the wrong one can have a devastating effect on your company’s reputation.

Construct Natural-Sounding Material

Paid media is by far the most common type of monetized content on TikTok. You should never, however, disregard the value of natural information. While paid campaigns can spread the word quickly and far, organic content can attract and retain readers for the long haul, resulting in higher conversion rates.
Organic content’s effectiveness stems, in part, from the personal connection it fosters between you and your target audience. You can interact with your viewers on a more personal level by responding to their comments, likes, and shares on your TikTok videos. This participation is priceless because it increases your social proof while also providing you with essential feedback.

TikTok Branding and Product Integration, No. 7

TikTok is, without a shadow of a doubt, a very imaginative medium. Whenever a new trend appears, it quickly spreads throughout the entire app. There are two ways in which your marketing strategies can take advantage of today’s meme-driven culture.

All these current fads give you a tested and proven video format that will appeal to TikTok’s audience. Incorporating your own spin on established fashion trends is a great way to gain exposure for your company. By doing so, you can capitalise on the interest people already have in the trend.

#8 Start a Sponsored TikTok Channel

Paid advertisements are an essential part of any successful TikTok marketing strategy. TikTok For Business, a set of creative tools made available to businesses on the platform, was released in 2020 in response to rising demand for advertising on the app. Several distinct types of commercial presentation are available. The process of making an advertising campaign that complements your company’s image and finances is simplified by this.

No. 9 Compile Information for Reporting

Reporting is the next major step after developing a TikTok marketing strategy and launching a campaign. Finding out whether or not your efforts are bearing fruit is crucial. Data analysis is the only way to confirm this.

To make this process go more smoothly, it helps to have your SMART goals already in place. You’ll be able to view and analyse your campaigns’ results in near real-time with the help of TikTok Ad Manager.