An Ultimate Guide: How To Run Instagram Giveaway?

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When executed properly, an Instagram giveaway may be a powerful promotional tool. Your customer base and revenue will expand thanks to this.

Your audience is no different than any other; everyone like freebies. The question is, how to give them to them effectively?

A giveaway on Instagram is what?

Instagram contests are similar to giveaways on other social media sites.

Followers of the account of the person or company hosting the contest are automatically entered. Tagging friends in the comments area is a common requirement for several giveaways.

Giveaways come in a wide variety of forms, most of which are determined by the nature of the provided item.

Free product or service gifts that encourage participation tend to be the most well-received.

The benefits of holding Instagram contests

We’ve already covered some of the advantages of holding an Instagram giveaway. That’s why it’s one of the go-to methods for expanding businesses of all sizes.

Tailwind found that Instagram accounts who held freebies had a 70 percent increase in their follower count. On average, Instagram contest posts receive 3,5 times as many likes and 64 times as many comments as non-contest posts.

If you’re still on the fence after seeing those numbers, here are a few more reasons to join the Instagram freebies bandwagon:

Boost interaction and visibility among users

Getting people to interact with your article with a giveaway is a great method to get people talking. We are all aware that posts with plenty of likes and comments will be promoted by Instagram’s algorithm. This increases the likelihood that your material will be seen by more people and perhaps be included on the explore page.

Gain a larger fan base on Instagram

The majority of brands undoubtedly offer freebies for this reason. As we discussed, it aids accounts in expanding their fan bases 70% more quickly. Particularly for newer brands, this might be of utmost significance.

Safely working with key opinion leaders

You may maximise the benefits of influencer marketing by holding giveaways, partnering with influential people, and accepting submissions from all around the world. The existing group of influencers you’ll be working with has several advantages, including the ability to reach a wider audience.

Amass material created by your audience

Visuals are crucial when discussing the significance of social media. They can have a significant impact on how well your Instagram business does. Fortunately, that’s where the free stuff is. By holding a contest where participants share images of themselves using the product, you may develop valuable user-generated content for your business. Potential clients will have confidence in your brand and your business as a whole as a result of this.

Drive more people to your website

Is boosting your Instagram following one of your goals? A giveaway is a fantastic tool for this purpose.

You may enhance your Instagram following and participation by holding a giveaway. This is because everyone enjoys receiving free gifts.

By holding a giveaway, you provide individuals who are already interested in your material a motivation to take the additional actions necessary to access it.

However, they are prepared to leave Instagram and visit your website to enter a contest in which they could actually win anything.

Ideas for Instagram contest prizes

The first step in any giveaway is always an incredible present. It’s only fair that we provide you some ideas for prizes before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to organise your contest.

We must preface this list with the caveat that, whatever your award may be, you deserve it. It ought to be something that interests and benefits your target demographic without breaking the bank.

How to Host an Instagram Contest: 5 Easy Steps

Now that we’ve established some ground rules, let’s dive into the specifics of organising your first Instagram contest.

No, it’s not as complicated as you would think. We’ve broken down the procedure into five simple steps for your convenience.

Decide what you hope to achieve with your Instagram contest

Setting your giveaway’s goals ahead of time is the greatest place to start when organising an Instagram contest.


If you don’t start with the end in mind, you won’t know what you want to achieve by the time you get there. And you’ll be at a loss for key performance indicators. As a result, any gift that isn’t arranged well will be a waste of money.

Typical objectives for a freebie may be something like this:

  • A larger number of people endorsing a product
  • Increased traffic and sign-ups for newsletters and online purchases
  • user-generated media increase Step 2: Arrange your Instagram contest

The next step is to organise the specifics of your Instagram contest.

Pick a good incentive

We did, however, swap several suggestions for the ideal gift present. You should give some thought to what you will donate.

It should appeal to your audience’s interests and requirements if you want them to get involved.

This might make or break your Instagram contest, so give it some serious thought.

Advertise your Instagram contest

You’ve finished making preparations, now it’s time to start your Instagram giveaway!

A striking graphic proclaiming the item to be a giveaway, accompanied by a “killer” explanation. Consider how you want the reader to respond to your call to action.

A grid post is the most efficient starting point for your contest post. But don’t forget to use the other tools at your disposal, including Instagram’s highlight reels and stories.